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Dr. Brett Brimhall

Emotional Subluxation and Corrections – Emotions and stress trigger subluxations and recurring fixations/subluxations.  Their origin, evaluation and multiple possible corrections will be discussed, and corrections demonstrated.

Dr. John Brimhall 
HOW TO BECOME THE CHAMPION OF YOUR PRACTICE AND LIFE - by getting results with Structural, Nutritional, Emotional, Electromagnetic, Allergy & Detox Corrections when others have failed to see and correct the Complete Health Puzzle…!   

Marc Harris, MD, ND, PhD, PhD, PhD - 

FASTING & Biochemistry

Types of fasts

  • Juice
  • Intermittent
  • Water only
  • Dry
  • Religious


  • Growth hormone
  • Ketones
  • Autophagy
  • Cancer

Doug Grant, BS

Dangerous Times with GMO’s, Deficiencies, Insufficient Formulas and Toxicities. In the last 3 decades, every seed that is planted is modified from what it was, every food is processed differently, and everyone’s health is affected.  Learn the research about what has happened to the food we eat and the devastating damage it is doing to our bodies.

INTRO: Create new interest & New Patients using a FREE nutrition script program APP for your phone or tablet.
You will be shown and given the answers along with simple tools to implement this knowledge to your patients for a lifetime adherence providing health to patients and your clinic.

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