BSN Med-Beiersdorf Jobst Jobst Ulcercare X-Large Left Side Zipper w/2 Liners

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Provides superior clinical effectiveness in the management of venous leg ulcers with a simple 2 part system

The gradient compression is provided by the combination of the compression liner and therapeutic stocking increasing venous return and helping to manage edema

Continued use provides clinically recommended level of compression 40 mmHg to help prevent recurrence

Zipper and pull in stocking assists in donning

Provides nominal compression of 40 mmHg when the medical stocking with the zipper is worn over the compression liner

Promotes normal lifestyle - regular clothing bathing and footwear

A cost-effective choice Jobst UlcerCare stockings can minimize the nursing care time per patient per visit

Easy convenient-to-use these stockings are designed for maximum patient compliance

Ready-to-wear therapeutic gradient compression system

Latex free

Ankle circumference: 10« - 12

Calf circumference: 18 - 21¬

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