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Part II The Central Integrated State – Treatment in Action

The idea is to use all 5 factors of Central Integration and the Six Steps to Wellness on the same visit when correcting a complicated patient.  This includes the Spindle Cells (via the bladder meridian), Posterior Mechanical Facets (laser/Adjustor - ArthroStim), Eyes (color chart or colored glasses) and Ears Hearing and Vibration (tuning forks) along with any or all of the 6 Steps that test positive.  If you do not use muscle testing, I apologize in advance.  We find it extremely valuable for evaluation and treatment.  I do not know how to tell you to do this protocol without muscle testing, a color/chakra chart and laser/s.
One Way to Start:
If you Therapy Localize (TL) the brain and nothing shows, you can give, if they test positive, Opti-Metals or Opti-Enviro at one to three drops under the tongue.  Test the brain again by TL muscle testing and any part of the brain that was affected by toxins will now test positive.  These hidden areas were blocked electromagnetically (energetically) by Heavy Metals or Environmental toxins.  Correct the imbalances with cold laser on the areas of the brain that now TL.  Also test the Brainstem, Sagittal Suture (corpus callosum), and emotional heart (thymus area).  Laser all the areas that now are positive by TL.  We use the Quantum laser, which is 40 mw of red, 40 mw infrared, and 20 violet LED’s or the LZR7 that is much stronger at 18 watts Infrared and 100 mw red.  If you are using the Quantum 80 mw, you can spend 30-40 seconds per point or area.  With LZR7’s 18 watts, 2-5 seconds is plenty.  If you have interest in either of these lasers or any other equipment we mention, call Jason at 480-964-6198.   has a lot of information as well.
It usually will take 2-4 administrations of the homeopathic detox’s.  They usually go back and forth on which is necessary, e.g. the Opti-Metals Detox 
and then the Opti-Enviro Detox  drops to clear the weaknesses.  Giving 1-3 drops under the tongue triggers the awaking or unmasking of hidden problems caused by heavy metals and environmental toxins.  The laser resets the brain and body after the multiple homeopathic releases these toxins.  This is a very powerful treatment and can yield incredible results alone.
Read last week’s article on the 5 Factors of Central Integration or you might be lost in this article.  In treating a complicated patient, I correct structure first manually or with instruments first, using the Adjustor/ArthroStim for the spine and Percussor/VibraCussor for fascial restrictions.  If I find subluxations/fixations, craniosacral lesions or visceral treatment needed, we correct it as stated above and as taught at our seminars the last 49 years.
When unresponsive patients are referred to us, we do all six steps:  structure, electromagnetics, nutrition, emotional release, allergies/sensitivities, and detoxification and the 5 factors of Central Integration at the same time.  Let’s use an example of a recent patient that had severe migraines, muscle spasms, back pain, fatigue, gut problems and were on H2 blockers along with three other types of medications for the migraines.  Each migraine could incapacitate them for 2-3 hours.  The medication only slowed down the intensity or relieved the migraine for a few hours.
We did muscle response testing and put them on , , , ,  and .  We corrected the spine, physiological hiatal hernia, an ICV or Ileocecal valve, adjusted the cranium with the percussor and freed fascia in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, as well as percussing the liver restricted motion through the right rib cage.  We had them use the multipolar magnet because they got weak to a computer and smart phone.
Once we had accomplished that, we tested for which color made them weak looking our color chart or colored glasses.  This gives you which chakra is imbalanced, along with the organs/emotions possibly involved.  Color works on the eye part of central integration. The color they see most pronounced is the problem area and weakens all the muscles you test.  You then identify through TL or you may be able to see, like I can, which tuning fork clears each color weakness.  You strike the fork it to release the sound and vibration, which strengthens the weak muscles.  Here is your auditory and vibration balance of central integration.
In summary, you have them look at the color that weakens their muscles, while taping the tuning fork near their ears.  This will strengthen the muscles and correct the dysfunctional chakra and the many symptoms that are related to this energy imbalance.  These are listed in the Brimhall Seminar Manual on the color chart available. (call Jason 480-964-6198)
While the patient or patients, (if integrating several in a family, use the Adjustor/ArthroStim from C2 to S2 with the small fork tapping each vertebrae level at the posterior mechanical facets to balance that part of central integration.  You tap a second time with the wide fork from C2 to S2 the bladder meridian adjacent to the spine, which helps balance any dysfunctional spindle cells.  To emphasize, I have been using both the small and large forks during the adjustment to accomplish good connection with facets and the Bladder Meridian.  The bladder meridian starts at the eye, goes over the head, down the entire spine (associated points) all the way down the back of the leg, passing through the back of the knee and ending on the little toe at BL 67.  It is the longest meridian in the body, and I postulate it associates with all the organs, systems, and spindle cells in the body.  Therefore, you can influence all the spindle cells through the bladder meridian, thus affecting that part of central integration.  If I find a spindle cell further involved at the specific muscle tested, I laser it.  In fact, I laser the entire spine during the adjusting part if I have an assistant and if not after the adjusting with the instrument.
The color alone stimulates the eyes, the tuning fork the ears hearing, and vibration and the adjusting/laser stimulate and balance the facets and bladder meridian.  All five factors are used to balance the body, so the same message is going to the brain from all 5 systems in harmony.
In addition - THE EYE MULTIPLE DIRECTION CHALLENGE IS VERY POWERFUL.  To clear this imbalance helps VERY DIFFICULT PATIENTS, especially if the person is dizzy or has vertigo.  The technique of turning the head all the way to one side, the eyes even further and finding weakness to any tested muscle demonstrates imbalance.  Every eye direction that causes muscle weakness must be cleared.  Once this weakness is demonstrated, laser the occipital brain, brain stem and the emotional heart (thymus area) to clear and balance.
The patient may and usually does weaken to many head and eye positions.  All must be corrected. You can stack the information by tapping the thymus and frontal area of the brain each time the muscles get weak with the head and eye position.  For example, if right head turn and even further right eye turn weakens a muscle, tap the thymus and frontal brain. Then have them leave the head far right and look eyes left.  If that weakens, tap thymus and frontal brain area again.  Do the head and eyes in multiple directions, tap to keep the weakness on display until you laser the appropriate areas listed above to yield balance and integration.  It is like you highlight several sentences on your computer screen and eliminate all of them at one time by the click of the mouse.  Here, after finding the weakness by head and eye position, you highlight with the tapping of the thymus and frontal area on the forehead.  You then clear the found distortion by lasering the thymus, frontal, occipital and brainstem areas that tested positive by TL.
ALL 5 FACTORS TELL THE BODY TO BE BALANCED AND COORDINATED.  For clarification and expansion, if you turn the head, the facets, eyes, and spindle cells must tell the brain the exact same message, or you get conflicting information to brain, which can yield many possible symptomatic expressions.
A short review to accomplish integration:  You have the patient looking at the color of the chakra that weakens them, while you tap the tuning fork near their ears that strengthens the weakness, while you laser or use the ArthroStim to treat the posterior mechanical facets and the bladder meridian at the spine C2 to S2.  I prefer to laser and use the Adjustor or ArthroStim, utilizing the large and small forks at the same time if you have an assistant.
We will demonstrate and treat with this procedure at Homecoming 2021.  Our new color/chakra charts are now available for this protocol.

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