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While tongue scraping have been around since ancient times, it has recently gained more popularity due to its oral hygiene and fresh breath benefits.

Halitosis or bad breath results from the metabolic output of naturally occuring bacteria inside the mouth. These bacteria are typically concentrated at the very back of the tongue, which if left undisturbed (as they often are) can create a breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria. This type of bacteria has been linked to periodontal problems, plaque build up, tooth decay, gum disease and more.

Like the other areas of our body, ensuring our mouth and tongue are cleansed, especially during detox, is essential.

Our 100% pure copper tongue scraper, in an environmentally friendly option that won’t rust or collect mold and is a perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle.



Even after brushing your teeth, plaque and bacteria can be left behind on your tongue, the tongue scraper will get rid of the excess bacteria and plaque giving you a cleaner and better smelling mouth.


  • Gets rid of bad breath: By removing plaque and bacteria build up on your tongue.
  • More effective than a toothbrush: The curved design and smooth surface creates the perfect shape to reach your entire tongue. Toothbrushes are not designed to clean your tongue.
  • Adjustable size to work for any mouth:Large or small, you can bend the tongue cleaner to perfectly fit your mouth.
  • Plastic free packaging: We use kraft packaging which is made from recycled material and is completely plastic free.

Product Specifications:

  • 100% pure copper - won’t rust or collect mold
  • free and 100% recyclable
  • Each box comes with one tongue scraper

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